HAPPY 2017!


HAPPY 2017!


I have to say along with what seems to be a lot of other people (at least according to social media) I was happy to see 2016 come to an end! I had so many HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY memories but the end of the year was rough. Having a miscarriage changed me in ways I never expected. I kept a smile on my face because I wanted Timothy to have the best Christmas he could have! But the stress of all it really took its toll on Ryan and I behind closed doors, the miscarriage, work stress for Ryan (busy time of year), the running from one house to another when what we really needed was to be home for Christmas. 

A new year always feels like a fresh start and that just what we needed. We spent New Year’s Eve weekend doing what we do best and that’s loving each other. Ryan took Timothy to play baseball, and Pokémon hunt, family dinners and RELAX, and we were in desperate need of that.

So HELLO 2017! We are ready for what you have in store for us! We have a lot of positive things to look forward too!

Yesterday Ryan, Timothy and I sat down to make our own family bucket list! Timothy was super excited about this… numbers 1 and 2 on Timothy’s list was get a dog, well we will see about that one, it’s a pretty big maybe…..

Here is what we came up with, we all sat down and organized it into seasons



  1. Go see a Spring Training Game, since Timothy is so into Baseball now, Ryan is excited to start taking him to more baseball games! 
  2. Dye Easter Eggs, its kind of given with me LOL but Timothy said it so it’s on the list
  3. Do a Family 5 K, we are thinking a Color Run or something super fun! 
  4. Spring Break at Disney World……YEAH, we love Disney! And Ryan is taking the week off! 




  1. Have a Beach Vacation! We did this last year and it was soooooo much fun! Hoping to do it again, we are thinking about Disney’s Vero Beach resort!
  2. Watch Fireworks! Of Course! 
  3. Enjoy Summer, we don’t have a lot on the list because we want to have to have fun, stress free days with friends and soak it all in!





  1. Visit a Pumpkin Patch, we do this every year and except this year because we were so busy, ugh I hate using the word busy, because busy = no fun in my book. So we are bring the tradition back for 2017!
  2. Make a scarecrow, Timothy wants the whole family to make a scarcrow to put in the front yard! HAHA
  3. . Go to a Bucs Game as a family! That’s easy enough!
  4. Everyone dress up for Halloween! When Timothy said I was like WOOHOO while Ryan was giving the sideeye!





1.See Santa at Disney Springs, we have done this the past two years and its amazing, you get a pager like at a restaurant and you come back when its your turn, you wait about 5-10 minutes and you see Santa, we made a whole day of it, shopped and had lunch it was so much fun.

2. Pick out a real Christmas tree, this was all Ryan, we have always had a fake one and he insisted that next year as a family we pick out a real one together! I loved the idea!

3. Have a Stress Free Christmas…..I just realized the picture says STREET BAHAHAHAHAHA well, I’m not going to change since this picture is just for this post. (The way I see it,  me posting anything to the blog is progress not perfection) This was all Ryan’s idea too. Like I said at the beginning this was a hard Christmas for us, and Ryan had this epiphany about making our own family traditions for Christmas, so we will see how this Goal goes this year. 

4.See Christmas Lights in our Pjs, I was so all over this and surprisingly Ryan was too and of course Timothy has already started his Christmas List for next year, so he is ready!


I hope everyone has a a HAPPY and HEALTHY New YEAR!





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