Bye bye Summer!

Its super HOT in florida, but I am so ready for FALL! I love it! I am ready for a new season!

We have had a super busy summer with a ton of changes.

So to say goodbye to summer I am going to give a little recap

We started the summer off at Disney of course!

Jens phone 8-11-15 334 Jens phone 8-11-15 343

Spending time with lots of friends

Jens phone 8-11-15 363 Jens phone 8-11-15 365

Cousin Ashlynn came for a visit!

Jens phone 8-11-15 480

Spending more time with friends especially Lyli before she moved to Gainesville!

Jens phone 8-11-15 521 Jens phone 8-11-15 526 Jens phone 8-11-15 573 Jens phone 8-11-15 574

Saying goodbye to my BFF

Jens phone 8-11-15 575

One of my favorite holidays, 4th of July!!!

Jens phone 8-11-15 638

Jens phone 8-11-15 656 Jens phone 8-11-15 671 Jens phone 8-11-15 708 Jens phone 8-11-15 710

Another BFF came for a visit! Always have the best time with Karebear!

Jens phone 8-11-15 839 Jens phone 8-11-15 841

Timothy turned 5! We had our first friend party! It was awesome!

Jens phone 8-11-15 1218 Jens phone 8-11-15 1231 Jens phone 8-11-15 1233

We also watched Cousin Johnny this summer because his baby sister Emma was born!

Jens phone 8-11-15 1507 Jens phone 8-11-15 1573

We had a ton of changes, a big move, but one that will be awesome for our family! All in all it was a great summer but I am ready for FALL!

Bring on the Pumpkin Spice everything!!!!!



July Goals


I love having goals every month, it defiantly keeps me check. The month of June was exactly how I wanted it to be and that was hanging with Timothy!


Saying NO! I am going to continue with basically my June goals of Saying “NO” I actually got some not so nice comments and dirty looks for this one, but when it came down to it, I have to let it roll off my back. This is hard for me because I am a super sensitive person, but by saying no it allowed me to be in the moment and spend the time I want to with Timothy this summer. I have had so many people tell me that the summer before kindergarten is a very special summer, it’s the last summer before a new chapter in his life and I want to take this time to enjoy my baby!



READ! Well I read half a book, mostly because at night when I would normally read I was stayed up to watch Gilmore Girls on Netflix, I started watching (I had never seen it before) and got pretty obsessed, like 3 episodes a night obsessed and wasn’t going to bed until Midnight! seriously though one of the best shows I have ever seen! I was depressed when it was over.



Timothy’s Birthday- So excited to have a super awesome batman birthday. He could not be more excited this was him hand delivering an invite to his Grandma’s house (haha the party is at her house) dressed as batman!


It will be a super busy month so I am hoping to get through it all in one piece!  HAHA Also I am getting very excited about 4th of July (one of my fave holidays)

Hope y’all are having a great summer so far!



Life Lately

This is life lately….

This past month has been a crazy, awesome, emotional rollercoaster, here is my life lately in pictures

Lets go back to a month ago when this guy graduated from College!!!! Its hard to believe that my brother is a grown up now, I could not be more proud of Michael, we have been through so much and I love this guy more than he will ever know.

IMG_8412-4new IMG_8569-29new IMG_8592-3new


We decided to take Timothy to see the Avengers, he loved it, I was super nervous that the fighting would be too much but he fell asleep (afternoon nap time) for most of the bad fighting anyway.



Timothy favorite and best friend is moving soon, so she ended up having her birthday really early so all her friends could come. Our family is going to miss them so much, Lyli’s mom and I are have been friends since we were super young. Lyli’s mom is starting a blog soon called Life & Lunacy so check it out.

wpid-20150516_123453.jpg wpid-20150516_124643-1.jpg wpid-20150516_135343-1.jpg

This is from a date night that Ryan took me on to Ocean Prime, celebrating his promotion at work!


Everyday fun with Timothy and his friends!






So we woke up on Sunday Memorial Day weekend and decided to head to the Magic Kingdom, it’s always so much fun to be able to just go whenever we want.

It was HOT in the morning and Timothy was SOOOOO tired, and Ryan carried him for a bit, talk about Super DAD!


Timothy’s favorite ride The Barnstormer aka the goofy rollercoaster!


No Disney trip is complete without Dole Whips!


My little Captain America




The rain left and it ended up taking all the humidity with it and ended up to be a gorgeous day!



The last Friday of school!


Getting Timothy’s graduation stuff ready to go, I bought his own Cap because I knew he would get a tassel and I want to make a little shadow box of all this, plus at oriental trading they had these little sashes and I just couldn’t resist! Anything I can have with his name on it is my kind of thing!


These were all the little things I put in the kids goodie bags for graduation


I think he was trying to sing songs from Grease in this picture HAHA

“Tell me more, tell me more”



I got to hang out and help their teacher with an Ice Cream party


This was the last day of school, I tried to take a picture everyday of Timothy while he was in VPK I missed some days but for the most part I got what I wanted, not really sure why they ended up being at the end of the drive way, it just worked out that way.


We had to bring clothes for him to change into for his graduation ceremony this was them practicing


Mrs. Soto helping Timothy with his cap


LIfe isn’t complete without a graduation selfie with Timothy!



wpid-20150602_121520.jpg wpid-20150602_1215261.jpg

Getting his diploma! And a quick HIIIII MMMMMOOOOMMMM!


wpid-20150602_1340000.jpg wpid-20150602_134303-1.jpg

I bought Lyli this LILLY dress so long ago and it finally fits her! YAY! So excited that her mama decided to let her wear it for graduation.


and of course there is always time to shove our faces with cake


And Timothy’s banner (my mom had a banner that she made for me when I was in kindergarten and hung up the same banner through every grade for me and my brother, its super old! I wanted to carry the tradition on!


That Friday we set off for a weekend trip to Disney to celebrate Timothy and the first weekend of summer, we had gorgeous weather and a super fun trip!

wpid-20150605_123106.jpg wpid-20150605_140427.jpg wpid-20150605_143324.jpg wpid-20150605_143814.jpg wpid-20150605_202236.jpg wpid-20150605_205040.jpg wpid-20150605_214601.jpg wpid-20150605_221849.jpg wpid-20150606_114822.jpg wpid-20150606_120228.jpg wpid-20150606_120638-1.jpg wpid-20150606_120945.jpg wpid-20150606_125349-1.jpg wpid-20150606_135855.jpg wpid-20150606_135943.jpg wpid-20150606_135247.jpg wpid-20150606_140100.jpg wpid-20150606_142246.jpg wpid-20150606_201130.jpg wpid-20150606_201150.jpg wpid-20150606_202247.jpg wpid-20150606_221135.jpg wpid-20150607_092823.jpg wpid-20150607_092857.jpg wpid-20150607_093059.jpg wpid-20150607_103520.jpg

The first real week of summer! The first week to do nothing but be with Timothy and have so much fun! He is my number one! Here are some fun pictures from the Splash Ground and park!

wpid-20150609_100454.jpg wpid-20150609_102955-1.jpg wpid-20150609_120836.jpg

On Thursday one of my best friends had the day off, so we went to the aquarium and did all sorts of fun things

wpid-20150611_104315.jpg wpid-20150611_105320.jpg wpid-20150611_105642.jpg wpid-20150611_105851.jpg

We didn’t stay too long but Timothy had a little fun at the Splash Park there, it was so humid outside we were not outside for too long.



Friday we decided it was a perfect day for the Donut Shop!


Friday night we let Timothy stay up way to late to watch the LAST DAY OF SUMMER, we love Phineas and Ferb in our house!


Saturday I went to my sister in law’s baby shower, I thought I took pictures but all I had was this one, I am very excited to meet her new baby girl Emma, Timothy is also excited because he knows baby Johnny (his cousin) will be staying with us for a couple of days when Emma is born!


Sunday I decided I better start planning Timothy’s Birthday since I have not done one thing for it yet, normally it takes me a couple of months to plan a party, so I am super behind, but luckily I have the best mom who really helps me with everything and has already bought a ton of stuff for the party, so yay! for that!


Then sunday late afternoon, Ryan got his wish and we went to see Jurassic World the first weekend it was out, my mom kept Timothy and we went (thanks goodness we did not bring him, totally not for kiddos) all the shows were sold out so we had to wait for almost two hours until the next movie.


That’s it…life lately

I hope everyone is having a fabulous SUMMER so far!


Summer Bucket List

summer bucket list

I am so excited that summer is here, like I said in my last post I want to have such a fun summer with Timothy. I really want to make great memories with him, I have this constant inner struggle (like all moms do) about being a good mom and spending really good, quality time with him. I am hoping this is a summer he will remember . SO here are some fun things that Timothy and I came up with to do this summer!

Go camping INSIDE! – Ok I am not a camper HAHA but we do have skylights in our house so I told timothy we could totally get our sleeping bags, make s’mores and tell camp stories

Make homemade ice cream – I have always wanted to do this, and timothy loves making any kind of food, lol doesn’t mean he will eat it but he will make it

Watch fireworks- 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays, it’s the most relaxing because there isn’t all this crazy stuff you have to do.

BEACH – We live in a place that has some of the best beaches; we need to utilize them more.  

Have an Epic water balloon fight- I can’t wait to get Timothy’s friends together and have a huge balloon fight

Family Game nights-now that Timothy’s is getting older, we have been able to broaden the kinds of games we play which is much more fun for me

Go to Disney World- Our season pass runs out soon so we are going to have a mini weekend vacation soon

Have lots of Picnics – This is my favorite thing to do with Timothy so I hope to have lots of afternoon picnics together

Watch some sunsets- Florida summer days are long, so I am hoping on some days when Ryan gets off work we are able to make it down to the beach just to see the sunset

Have a cousin sleepover- Now that the kiddos are getting bigger, I definitely want to do some summer sleepover

Go to the Aquarium- We have passes and its one of Timothy’s most favorite places to go

Go to the Splash ground-  We have so many splash grounds around here, I want to visit some new ones this summer

Have Timothy’s  BATMAN birthday!- And last but not least planning and having a great 5th Birthday for my baby cakes!


Hope everyone has some awesome things planned for the Summer!



June Goals

june goals


June is already here! I can’t believe it, and I am so ready to have Timothy home for the summer!  Even though Timothy only goes to school from 9-12 it was a big transition for us, I know that after this year he is going to want to be spending his summers going to camps and being with friends and all sorts of kid things. I want to spend as much time with him as possible, last summer I had all these amazing things planned but I didn’t get to do a lot of them because I said “YES” too many people.  Last summer, I planned a baby shower, a bridal shower, helped with a 75th birthday party, my own sons birthday party, a Wedding and even later in October helped with my Moms 50th bay. Now don’t get me wrong , I loved all of it and I loved doing these things  for my family and friends BUT  I was so busy I didn’t have a chance to breathe, I did as much as I could and I was so exhausted.

So after a long talk with my doctor, he told me to take it easy  ( I have high Blood pressure) it’s no fun, (trying to work on myself so I can get it down) I have decided this summer I am saying NO!

Here are my goals for June

1. SAY NO! To some people this is easy, for me it’s not, I feel like I have to explain myself when I say no, I feel bad for saying no, I feel stressed when I say no, but I am finally realizing this is something I have to do for myself, my own sanity, to be a better mom to Timothy and a better wife to Ryan.


2. Read, I want to read at last two books this month, it totally helps me relax. Does anybody have any suggestions?


3. Love on Timothy! I am ready for summer days at the park, the beach, blowing bubbles outside, sleeping in, having fun movie days and just being together!


4. Getting rid of stuff, we accumulate so much stuff; I am ready for some major purges!


5. Give time to new friendships, I have been lucky to meet a couple new people that I have a lot in common with and really feel a connection with; I am excited to spend some of those summer days with them and their kiddos to grow our friendships.


 6. And lastly we are simplifying our food, I know this won’t be perfect but we are going to start clean eating as a family, we have talked about it before but we want to go all in this summer and make better choices.


These are my goals, anybody want to share some of there own goals for June?



The New Pineapple Craze

These are a few of my favorite things… Pineapple Edition

I love Pineapple! I especially love Pineapple Upside down cake HAHA, but it seems Pineapples are popping up everywhere! So I wanted to show you what some of my favorite things are.


Emily Leys new Simplified Pineapple patterned

She just had the academic version released earlier this month and it went like wildfire, so I will be ready on Sept 9th to purchase my as soon as they are released.


The Most amazing shoes EVER

These Pineapple flats are right up my ally!


The Perfect Pineapple dress


Baby Pineapple Socks


GAP sleep shorts


Tory Burch Pineapple Cosmetics bag


Pandora Pineapple Charm


Nicole Miller Mixed Print Pineapple dress


Pineapple Trays


Girls Pineapple purse

Even the boys are getting into it check these out Men’s Pineapple Shorts


These maybe alittle more chill Men’s billabong shorts



Boys Target Swim Trunks


Boys Gymbroee Pineapple swim shorts

Anybody else enjoying pineapple patterns everywhere this summer

If you didn’t know the Pineapple symbolizes hospitality in the South

I found a blog post from Sweet Southern Prep: Monday Manners edition about the pineapple, you should check it out!

Happy Wednesday