Disney Day ONE!

HI Everyone!!!!!

I hope everyone had a fab Thanksgiving, I wanted to do a little picture recap of our Disney Trip!

Enjoy ūüôā



We got in on Sunday and made it to Hollywood Studios, it was a little rainy but that wasn’t going to stop us! Timothy is always amazed how big the trees are.



Always posing!



Everywhere we went Timothy pointed out all his site word and tried sounding out words to read.



Everyone is so excited about all the Star Wars stuff coming to Hollywood studios!



Jake is still one of his faves!





First time meeting Santa Goofy, Timothy told Santa Goofy everything he wanted for Christmas!



Then it was off to the Osborne Family lights! I still cant believe that this is the last year, this has been a tradition since 2006 for Ryan and I. I did shed a tear or 100!  I am hoping that maybe we can make it there one more time before they take it down.
















It didn’t take long for this guy to fall fast asleep. We still have the stroller for Disney (even though he is getting too big for it) But its better then having to carry this guy around!


I love a family selfie!





Ryan and I celebrating 9 years of marriage! I sure do love this guy!



Then back at the hotel! Of course Timothy was then wide awake and wanted to put together a Star Wars Lego set he got that day! Thanks to Uncle Alfred for the Disney gift card!

Ill be back tomorrow with more Disney pics!





Disney Recap

Disney Recap November 2014

We always have the best time at Disney World! Every November we make sure to go for a week for our Anniversary and we haven’t missed one yet! Timothy has been going to Disney since he was 4 months old and every time it’s so different in such a special way! He has finally hit 42 inches which means he can basically go on most rides, expect for the big roller coaster (space mountain, Everest, Rock n Roller coaster,¬†etc…)¬† so he had a ball! I shared a ton of pics on my Facebook page and IG account but I figured I would do a picture dump here too. All the pics I took this year were just from my phone, so some are not as great as they could be. Enjoy! ūüėČ


We made it! The look on Timothy’s face is so priceless when he sees this sign!



We stayed at the Art of Animation, I love this hotel, I think it’s so great for little ones! We have stayed in the Little Mermaid and Lion Kings rooms before so we knew it would be great, Timothy says next time he wants to stay in the Nemo rooms!


Always so lucky to have my mom with us for the first couple of days of our trip, Timothy has the most fun with her!

The Elephant Graveyard was his favorite thing!

P.S. Grandma is not following directions NO CLIMBING!

20141102_140746 20141102_14075120141102_140819


I got lots of sweet pics of these two!


We unpacked and were off to the Magic Kingdom!

Only Disney transportation of course.


First stop Timothy’s favorite ride Winnie the Pooh!



Daddy took Timothy on his next fav ride, “The Goofy Roller Coaster”


More pics at the hotel


Then the next day we were off to the Animal Kingdom


The Lion King show is one of my favorite shows!


He was not so impressed with the Safari ride HAHA


My mom took Timothy to play in Dino Land so Ryan and I could ride Everest, I always think I can ride it and I always feel so yucky after it

20141103_131428 20141103_132259



Afternoon nap time ūüėČ



When Timothy finally woke up we were just in time to see a parade and hang with one of my besties who was also at Disney!

Here is a cute pic of the sleeping babies and the Grandmas!


This is one of my BFFS Jules with her brand new baby Addalyn


Festival of Fantasy is one of the best parades Disney has ever had!

20141103_152756 20141103_152833 20141103_153017 20141103_153149 20141103_153220

20141103_153230 20141103_15343120141102_153225 20141103_153436 20141103_153841

Always good to see Mickey, by the way today is Mickeys Bday!

Happy Birthday Mickey!

Mickey was nice enough to do the Hot Dog dance with Timothy


The weather was picture perfect


We always spend a little time with the ducks


Timothy was funny this trip he would climb or sit on something and say take my picture,

I think it was because he really wanted to climb on stuff he wasn’t supposed to and he knew that was the only way he would get away with it haha


2014-11-10 14.34.48

This was Timothy first time on the teacups, and he had the best time, Grandma and I sat that one out

20141103_193659 IMG_20141103_231526

we met back up with Jules and watch the night parade


Then the fireworks….

20141103_210241 20141103_210610 20141103_211234

The next day we were off to Hollywood Studios



Timothy was super excited to get some presents from Mrs Jules


This was also the first time to see all the frozen things at Hollywood studios and they did not disappoint

20141104_103958 20141104_104748(0) 20141104_104849 20141104_105700 2014-11-08 18.14.12

Then we said Goodbye to Mrs Jules and her mom, grandma and baby Addalyn and we were off to the Frozen show, the only bummer was we sat on the side and next time I will try my hardest to sit in the middle section

20141104_112259 20141104_120213(0) 20141104_120329(0)

Timothy may or may not have climbed under the ropes for these next two pictures ūüėČ

20141104_120948(0) 20141104_120948(0)closeup

Again this was another one of those let me climb and take my pictures moments


Since we always go in November we try really hard to not buy Timothy a bunch of stuff because it’s so close to Christmas and honestly he has too much already BUT with Big Hero 6 coming out he looked at this Baymax everywhere we went so I caved and bought it for him


Next we were the first family for the Disney Junior show, so Timothy got to knock and say the MAGIC words

20141104_140756 20141104_140901 20141104_143649 20141104_143952 20141104_144102(0) 20141104_144314

We ended up back at the hotel and grandma had to go back home for work and we just relaxed and ordered pizza to the room!

Next day was Epcot


20141105_114928 20141105_114956

Timothy visiting all this friends

20141105_124505 20141105_124739 20141105_124958

So this was our day at Epcot and I wish I had taken pics of all the food we ate at the food and wine festival because it was delicious and we ate at so many countries.

Ummm so we were stopped to eat some of the yummy food and I said look how cute Timothy is to Ryan, take his picture and this was what he took! haha


Another first for Timothy was the Fast Track and we got to make our own car and this is what Timothy came up with all by himself!

20141105_143313(0) 20141105_150008

A stop in the United Kingdom to see Winnie the Pooh and Tigger in Christopher Robins Bedroom

20141105_152716 20141105_15283520141105_165421

Stopped at the international gateway and found Arial with no line, so we stopped to have her sign the book!

20141105_161109 20141105_161120(0)

Oh, Canada!

  20141105_170325 20141105_170340 20141105_170735 20141105_171008

This was at the end of the day, I was so tired and full from all the amazing food, that we didn’t stay for fireworks but before we left Timothy got out the rest of his energy


So happy that the next morning the Magic Kingdom had started Christmas decorating


I was so¬†curious to see what the garland would look like at Disney because it goes across Main Street USA, but I¬†knew that would not be possible with a¬†fire breathing dragon that came down the street everyday¬†at 3 O’clock.

Ummm its going to take some getting use too


Some fun pics of our adventures

  20141106_113356 20141106_114024  20141106_123610 20141106_124520 20141106_125421
First real rollercoaster on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Ride!

PicMonkey Collage

and I actually put makeup on this day and was super proud of myself


20141106_142946 20141106_162208

Back to the hotel for some pool fun, but some little girl puked in the pool so everybody out and to the Splashground we go! (it happens)


20141106_175456 20141106_181218 20141106_181715

Couldn’t believe it was already Friday but we were going back to Hollywood Studios for my all time favorite thing ever at Disney World

The Osborne Lights

20141107_143207 20141107_144822 20141107_160232

So fun fact in the Muppet Vision 3D theater when you first walk in there is a sign that says “Back in five minutes, key under the mat” and there really is a key under the mat, it’s so fun to show Timothy all these kind of things since he is starting to understand it and I love all the hidden little things everywhere!


Honey I shrunk the kids playground

20141107_164805(0) 20141107_165011 20141107_165359

Stopped at the Christmas shop to pick up something for Timothy’s teacher and he was so super cute picking out the perfect ornament for her, he knows she likes Peter Pan, which we all know is his fav too, so watching him decide on the right one was too cute!

20141107_170739 20141107_171313 20141107_171655 20141107_171656

So as you can see Timothy is really good (most of the time) I was able to catch a not so good moment when he only wanted a pic with Lightening McQueen and wanted Mater to move, which we all know this was not going to happen


10 minutes later he was happy again with his very first hot chocolate ever, but he still wasn’t quite sure


So of my favorite moments from the trip was waiting the lights to start and watching Timothy’s face as it begin to snow, it was the most magical moment for me



20141107_181424 20141107_181431 20141107_181451-1 20141107_181459

This was one of the best Disney trips yet!


Until next time

See ya real soon….




Summer Fun so far…

Summer Fun


June was such a busy month for us, it started at Disney and lots of parties and fathers day was also thrown in there as well. It was a lot of work but everything came out perfect!

The beginning of he month started at Disney World just for a night, the brand new Snow White ride opened and we had been so excited to ride it. We stayed at the All Star sports, we have stayed at more then half of the hotel at the Walt Disney World Resort, if you are deciding to stay at a value resort, I would say The Art of Animation (mermaid rooms) and the Sports are the best ones in my opinion.

Ryan and Timothy running the field

Timothy super ready to go to the Magic Kingdom


One of Timothy’s favorite rides is the bus ride


So I really wanted this pic of him being all excited, truth is he was super scared up there


The Mine ride was the most amazing ride, we had to wait about 50 minutes which was so nice, I was expecting 4 hours or something crazy, I wish Ryan and  I would have taken Timothy because it was not a super fast roller coaster and it was super smooth, he would have really loved it. It will be one of the first rides we go on in the fall when we start going back again (we never go to Disney in the summer because of the heat and the crowds)


Every detail was perfect!





Timothy got to be Chip and Belle had a little crush on him!



He held on for about a 3 minutes, hehe


So it was raining in the afternoon so the new festival of fantasy parade was a no go, which was a bummer because my mom had not seen it, so we got to see the rainy day parade, don’t blink you will miss it!!!!! ūüėČ


Here comes the parade




There goes the parade…


Timothy and Ryan on Timothy’s favorite ride (along with the close up pics)






and no night is complete without a kiss from Snow White




Then the next weekend was my cousin Amanda’s Bridal Shower. My mom and I worked really hard to make it super special for her. We knew we were also going to be throwing a baby shower at the end of the month so we though really hard about things we could do to make stuff that we could use for both, since both showers were a white and pink theme. For my cousins shower we decided to use the hot pink, which is the color of her bridesmaid dresses.


I felt so bad because this is what my moms house looked like for weeks! Just stuff everywhere!


We started actually putting stuff up on the Tuesday before the shower


I used the Cricut so much, I loved that I could make everything so it would be more personal!



This was something that we saw on pinterest an decided it would be the present table for both showers, I have to say if anyone wants to make this, its extremely time consuming and make sure you have your Michaels or Joanns coupons because it was a ton of tulle, a lot more expensive then we though it was going to be to make it.




Dressing up a plain vase from Michaels with some sticker rhinestones, really gave it a nice touch



My mom is a perfectionist!



This was for a memory game we played and any chance I get I bring out Tampa Bay’s best Wedding of 2006 (cause my wedding was in it and I planned it all by myself!!!!)

We also played a purse raid game that was hilarious!


Wish I would have gotten more pics of the actually shower but I was busy running around


Found this idea on Pinterest  and it was a great idea to use for well wishes, it turned out so well we did a baby shower version, when the shower was over I glued all the balloons on so Amanda was able to take it home that day



Before the shower started (again wish I would have taken a pic of all the presents )


These were the gifts for the winners of the games, I wanted everything to match and it ended up making a great centerpiece


I shot this pic in the morning of the shower and light was coming in perfect, my favorite picture!


 Close up of the balloon board



Even though it was a lot of work with a lot of little details it was worth it and I think Amanda enjoyed it a lot

The next weekend was Fathers Day, it was s nice to just spend time with Ryan and Timothy


We decide that we wanted to take Timothy to mini gulf for the first time and


Timothy got to feed the alligators



Of course Pirate theme everything







I sometimes forget we live in a place people go on vacation!


One of our fav spots FRENCHYS



Feeding therapy sure is paying off




Super tired and ready for a nap ūüôā


Such a nice fun day to spend together!

That was some adventures from the first part of the summer……




My 13 Favorite moments from 2013



Wicked!!! and hanging with my RxStat girls! I miss them a lot! We always had a super fun time together!

Here is Kara and I at Wicked!


This was Lee’s 50 Birthday Party at RxStat, we always had the best Birthday surprises for everybody!



Anybody who knows me, knows I love a good theme so when I knew the fabulous Kimi Carrier from Carrier Photography was doing a Valentines day Kissing Booth theme, I jumped right on it! And so glad I did because the pictures turned out A-MAZING!





One of my BFF’s came to visit me this year and it was so exciting because she had never met Timothy before, I would have not traded that experience for anything, I love and miss her so much. Keeping my fingers crossed that her husband get orders to come to Florida in the next couple of years! We had a mini vacation together at a Disney Hotel while they stayed and we had a blast.

482263_10200973766372662_1003011171_n 602004_10200858577453011_1002498162_n

They really bonded over their coffee talk.



Earlier this year the company I worked for was sold and a lot of people lost their jobs, when I found out what was happening I went into panic mode, I had no idea what was going to happened to us without the second income coming in. I had always wanted to become a stay at home mom but I didn’t think we were¬†ready for it at all, I thought I¬†it would¬†be¬†when Timothy started school so I could be around all the time for him. Well I put on a brave face and said well I have always wanted to¬† be at home, let’s do it, even though I was a huge mess on the inside. I have to say I had a gloomy couple of months trying to figure out what my plans were going to be but I got through it and defiantly came out better on the other side.

We have days like this…


and days like this…


but most days are like this and I am so thankful that!



This year for some crazy reason I have decided to become a runner….what was I thinking! Actually it has been fun, challenging and every emotion that you could think of, all in getting ready for Glass Slipper Challenge in February 2014

Color me RAD!


Wiggin Out!


and the Jingle Jungle at Disney World

Disney world Nov 2013 010 new


I LOVE LOVE LOVE the 4th of JULY! Its one of my favorite holidays, we always have¬†a blast with out amazing friends the Coleman’s and this year was no exception. I love that are kids play together all the time and will be friends forever!

Hey I know you guys want to play but¬†can y’all sit nice for a picture


ok thanks y’all can get up now



Timothy turned three this year! He is growing up so fast, turning three was a big deal because his room was changed around and his crib was turned into a big boy bed. He is doing so much on his own, its hard to let go and let him but everyday he is showing me that he is getting more independent and becoming his own little person with his own little personality.

Toy Story Birthday!


His actual birthday at BJ’s


Cheesin it up for a family picture



My BFF turned 30 this year!!!! We had so much fun for Danielle’s Birthday, we had so many fun things planned including planning out 30 presents for her 30 birthday! We had a fabulous dinner at one of my fav spots the Cheesecake Factory where her hubby surprised her with a girls weekend trip to O-town

Danielle and I on her Birthday


Girls weekend at the Hilton in Orlando


Happy 30th Danielle!


And of course no girls weekend is without a cocktail or two or ten



Staring this blog, I had no idea what¬†I¬†was doing, ¬†I have no idea what I am doing! I am hoping that all of you can get a glimpse into this fairytale life. I call it that not because my life is a perfect or some amazing fairytale all the time¬†but because in fairy tales, there is so much struggle to get to the happily ever after. I have my Prince Charming already but for anybody who has watched ONCE UPON A TIME knows even when you have your prince there is still always the struggle and fight between good and evil. Also on a much lighter note, I am obsessed with Disney and obsessed with fairy tales. Oh and being a¬†Princess I really could go on and on about my obsession with¬†all things make-believe¬†ūüôā




Back to the fact that I am obsessed with themes, we had Fall pictures done. Timothy is normally the best at getting his pictures done, but this day was a different story. Lucky for us we have an amazing photographer, Carrier Photography and in the middle of his crying and carrying on she still got some amazing shots

So sweet right?


This is more what the day was like…


then he started to come around the last five-minutes…


Then my happy boy was back!


and we were all happy!



Disney World! So we had an epic trip that I really never finished telling people about on the blog so I am just going to share some pics and you will see we had the best time ever. We stayed 8 days at the Caribbean Beach resort in the Pirate themed room!

Oh yeah and while we were there Timothy had his first haircut and it was the sweetest thing ever!


We tried to see every character we could, and Timothy’s phrase while we were there was “you wanna sign my book”

8671_10202641941395995_1455842155_n 969393_10202681872514248_1384556549_n 1394475_10202633215617856_291683306_n 1422580_10202641241498498_1245279884_n 1426258_10202656684804571_283029782_n 1451497_10202650213842801_973627368_n 1451538_10202649518945429_334398474_n 1452140_10202641954116313_764074061_n 1453288_10202643463314042_1603535048_n 1458666_10202649875714348_450904217_n 1466225_10202633206617631_1924997958_n

I have always dreamed about the time when I can take my child to Disney and they would love it as much as I do, and Timothy did not let me down, I have never EVER seen him so happy!


Of course we can’t talked about a recap of the year without talking about Christmas! Christmas with a three-year old was the most fun ever! Timothy was so excited and really understood about Santa this year. It really was the most magical day, I had my family over for Christmas dinner which turned out great and I felt so happy to spend it with people I love and the people who love me.


it truly is