Disney Day ONE!

HI Everyone!!!!!

I hope everyone had a fab Thanksgiving, I wanted to do a little picture recap of our Disney Trip!

Enjoy 🙂



We got in on Sunday and made it to Hollywood Studios, it was a little rainy but that wasn’t going to stop us! Timothy is always amazed how big the trees are.



Always posing!



Everywhere we went Timothy pointed out all his site word and tried sounding out words to read.



Everyone is so excited about all the Star Wars stuff coming to Hollywood studios!



Jake is still one of his faves!





First time meeting Santa Goofy, Timothy told Santa Goofy everything he wanted for Christmas!



Then it was off to the Osborne Family lights! I still cant believe that this is the last year, this has been a tradition since 2006 for Ryan and I. I did shed a tear or 100!  I am hoping that maybe we can make it there one more time before they take it down.
















It didn’t take long for this guy to fall fast asleep. We still have the stroller for Disney (even though he is getting too big for it) But its better then having to carry this guy around!


I love a family selfie!





Ryan and I celebrating 9 years of marriage! I sure do love this guy!



Then back at the hotel! Of course Timothy was then wide awake and wanted to put together a Star Wars Lego set he got that day! Thanks to Uncle Alfred for the Disney gift card!

Ill be back tomorrow with more Disney pics!





October Goals


Now that school is back in and we have more of a schedule in place I started another month of goals!


Jog 100 Miles in October! I want to get back to jog/running. I want to get back to Disney to earn some more bling! We have a ton of stuff going on so I know this is not going to be easy to get 100 miles in but I am up for the challenge!



I just want to enjoy everything more! This is always a goal, I don’t like that I have to remind myself about it, but I when I do it makes me slow down and take a deep breath and enjoy! We have a lot of really fun things we are doing this month, and I want to take it all in!


I follow Lara Casey and this month and she is using October to stop and focus on being bright, free, and certain! I am all about this!



This one speaks for itself!


That’s it, three simple goals to achieve this month!

These are perfect to start getting back into the swing of things. Using my Power Sheets and my tending list to make all these goals into reality!



P.S.  October is also my B-day month!!!!

Bye bye Summer!

Its super HOT in florida, but I am so ready for FALL! I love it! I am ready for a new season!

We have had a super busy summer with a ton of changes.

So to say goodbye to summer I am going to give a little recap

We started the summer off at Disney of course!

Jens phone 8-11-15 334 Jens phone 8-11-15 343

Spending time with lots of friends

Jens phone 8-11-15 363 Jens phone 8-11-15 365

Cousin Ashlynn came for a visit!

Jens phone 8-11-15 480

Spending more time with friends especially Lyli before she moved to Gainesville!

Jens phone 8-11-15 521 Jens phone 8-11-15 526 Jens phone 8-11-15 573 Jens phone 8-11-15 574

Saying goodbye to my BFF

Jens phone 8-11-15 575

One of my favorite holidays, 4th of July!!!

Jens phone 8-11-15 638

Jens phone 8-11-15 656 Jens phone 8-11-15 671 Jens phone 8-11-15 708 Jens phone 8-11-15 710

Another BFF came for a visit! Always have the best time with Karebear!

Jens phone 8-11-15 839 Jens phone 8-11-15 841

Timothy turned 5! We had our first friend party! It was awesome!

Jens phone 8-11-15 1218 Jens phone 8-11-15 1231 Jens phone 8-11-15 1233

We also watched Cousin Johnny this summer because his baby sister Emma was born!

Jens phone 8-11-15 1507 Jens phone 8-11-15 1573

We had a ton of changes, a big move, but one that will be awesome for our family! All in all it was a great summer but I am ready for FALL!

Bring on the Pumpkin Spice everything!!!!!



Disney Recap

Disney recap!

A couple weeks ago we had a mini vacation to Disney World. It was the first time my friend Jules and her family went on a vacation with my family, this will be the first of many as we watch out children grow. We had the best time. We stayed at Disney’s Art of Animation in the Finding Nemo family suite. It is very affordable especially when you have more 5 people and a baby.


Here is what the rooms look like, I would have to say, even though this is not a high end hotel, if you have small kids they will love and it keeps the theme of being at Disney for them even when you are back at the hotel. I remember when we stayed at the Yacht Club Resort (which was sooooo much more money) but Timothy said when do we get to do Disney World stuff. To him we were in a nice hotel but not Disney. image

We got there Friday afternoon and knew that we were just going to spend the day in hanging out and swimming since we were going to have such a big day on Saturday. Oh did I mention Jules and Mike have a 7 month old, named Addalynn, we wanted to make sure the kiddos got a good nights rest. This was the view from our hotel room and as soon as Timothy saw it he was ready for swimming! 


The pool at the Art of Animation is the biggest pool on Disney World resort property and it has the perfect beach enterence for the small kids to play!

wpid-20150417_153527.jpg wpid-20150417_153535.jpg wpid-20150417_153542.jpg wpid-20150417_161406.jpg

Timothy thought it would be hilarious to trade shoes with Daddy!


A quick chill time and oh did I mention there was a bar there, so mamas had some cocktails!

  wpid-img_20150417_204740.jpg wpid-picsart_1430266133930.jpg

Timothy was excited to play with baby Addaylnn who just started crawling


We ate dinner from the food court in our hotel and picked up some yummy cupcakes. But before we did that Jules and I made a little detour in the gift shop to play dress up.


Saturday Morning we were up bright and early and off to the Magic Kingdom


You all know how much I love ShopSimplymadewithLove, well I told Jules about it and she had something made for Addalynn as well, these too were so cute and ready for the day!


Because our hotel is all about ART they have some amazing drawing all over.


I kind of forgot how much stuff you have to carry around when you have a baby.



The new grass sections at the Magic Kingdom were amazing!



My fave pic and as you can see I got everyone in them!





 I was so excited to get Timothy’s Mickey graduation hat with his name on it.




We were able to have lunch at BE OUR GUEST and it was amazing!

LOL I am not sure what Ryan is doing here BAHAHAHA




Its so hard to see but its the ball room and the West Wing!


After lunch we traveled back on the bus and went back to the hotel for a swim and rest.


After everyone was rested we went back the Magic Kingdom to make 5:30 reservations for dinner.



Loved all these!


We had fastpasses for the Mine Ride so the boys went first while we chatted and had baby Addalynn, and then it was our turn.



It was starting to get dark and we headed over to tomorrow land, Jules, Addalynn and I had a dance party with The Incredibles while the boys rode Buzz Lightyear





So I really wanted this pic so bad, but can you just feel our husbands eye rolls when I made (yes made) them take this HEHE



We went to Hollywood Studios, I don’t know if I will ever get used to the hat on being there


We didn’t do a whole lot on Sunday and I know this is a crazy amount of pictures of Timothy but he looked so cute, after we watch the Frozen sing along we decided to part ways and Jules, Mike and Addalyn were going to leave to go home, Addalyn had some big adventures and was ready for some dreamland and chill time. So Ryan, Timothy and I went and had lunch and of course had to go see Phineas and Ferb !



Once we were done it was around 1:30pm so we headed over to Downtown Disney, because no trip to Disney is complete without a trip to the Lego store


That was it! It was a fun weekend with a lot jam packed in!

Cant wait to do it again!

Happy Thursday!