October Goals


Now that school is back in and we have more of a schedule in place I started another month of goals!


Jog 100 Miles in October! I want to get back to jog/running. I want to get back to Disney to earn some more bling! We have a ton of stuff going on so I know this is not going to be easy to get 100 miles in but I am up for the challenge!



I just want to enjoy everything more! This is always a goal, I don’t like that I have to remind myself about it, but I when I do it makes me slow down and take a deep breath and enjoy! We have a lot of really fun things we are doing this month, and I want to take it all in!


I follow Lara Casey and this month and she is using October to stop and focus on being bright, free, and certain! I am all about this!



This one speaks for itself!


That’s it, three simple goals to achieve this month!

These are perfect to start getting back into the swing of things. Using my Power Sheets and my tending list to make all these goals into reality!



P.S.  October is also my B-day month!!!!

March Goals

 March Goals

I can not believe that March is already here!!

I thought I would share some of my Goals for this month, hoping that if I share them that I will hold myself more accountable for achieving them! So, here we go!


Start and complete the 21 day Fix

I have already started this in the middle of February but I didn’t feel like I put 100% into it.  Having a fresh start with a new month makes me feel like I can just start over.  I want to make myself stick with it!


Read Lara Casey’s Make it Happen Book

I bought this book earlier this year and have been so busy I have not started to read it yet. I already love her Power Sheets, so I know this book is going to be amazing!




One of my fav Disney peeps to follow on Instagram and facebook is @pinkcupcakegirl ( you should follow her too!) Anyway she does this #streakingwiththecoolkids and #runningwiththecoolkids where you run at LEAST one mile a day, I have been with her on this since last year and have yet to meet the everyday in one month. So this time I am totally doing it!!!!


Clean out the garage and all my Art/craft Supplies

Not going to lie, our garage is a disaster! So this month I will spend one weekend and clean it! Also I basically have taken over the office in our house and have just made it a dumping ground for all my Art/craft supplies so I really want to organize all of it and coming up with some kind of storage, that makes it easy to get to and visible when I need something


Work with Timothy on learning activities

Timothy goes to school everyday for three hours and some extra time for tutoring one day a week, I bought some great workbooks at Barnes and Noble that I have not started yet, so I plan to start working with him 20 minutes a day. This quote sums it up for me, I feel like I can do better with him to prepare him more. I just wanted to make sure he is ready for kindergarten next school year.



Go on a date with Ryan

Last month Ryan and I went out on a date for the first time in forever. It was nothing fancy but it was just so nice to go out and eat with just the two of us! I want to make a planned date once a month to make sure we go out!


Have a super fun Spring break

Spring break is at the end of the month and I want to be able to do some fun thing with Timothy, to be honest I’m not sure yet what we are going to do but I just want to make sure Timothy is not just sitting around the house bored!

Happy March