October Goals


Now that school is back in and we have more of a schedule in place I started another month of goals!


Jog 100 Miles in October! I want to get back to jog/running. I want to get back to Disney to earn some more bling! We have a ton of stuff going on so I know this is not going to be easy to get 100 miles in but I am up for the challenge!



I just want to enjoy everything more! This is always a goal, I don’t like that I have to remind myself about it, but I when I do it makes me slow down and take a deep breath and enjoy! We have a lot of really fun things we are doing this month, and I want to take it all in!


I follow Lara Casey and this month and she is using October to stop and focus on being bright, free, and certain! I am all about this!



This one speaks for itself!


That’s it, three simple goals to achieve this month!

These are perfect to start getting back into the swing of things. Using my Power Sheets and my tending list to make all these goals into reality!



P.S.  October is also my B-day month!!!!

Halloween Obsessions

Halloween Obsessions

I am completely obsessed with themes, I love them and especially love themed pictures, so when this mini session came up to do fall pictures I jumped at the chance to get professional pictures of Timothy in his costume. He has been asking to be captain hook since he started talking so we were first in line at the Disney store when the Halloween costumes came out. As for this super cute little picture, it was not the cute little guy you see here, this day he was in a bad mood, and cried the whole time, well I guess not the whole time because out amazing photographer was able to get the most beautiful pictures, when I opened these I was shocked because I honestly remember him cracking a smile for two seconds and that’s it. Oh toddler problems, when you have a child the most important thing to remember is to pick your battles, and I wasn’t going to make that day a battle, but in the long run I didn’t have to because there were some amazing shots
I found this on Pinterest and Timothy and I are saving this to do on Halloween Day, I am so excited to do this and put the date on it so it can become a staple in our Halloween decor
I was at the drug store and stumbled upon these, now we all know I love some Disney flare and I think these are amazing for Halloween and well any other times too! Hoping some Disney Princess stuff will come out next
White Chocolate Kit Kat! What can I say they are my favorite candy this time of year; thank goodness they are seasonal because I would be eating them all the time!
We made a trip into the county (Well County for where we live) to Sweet field farms. It was Timothy’s first time in a pumpkin patch and corn maze, it will definitely become a tradition for fall for my family; it was super hot but a blast.
I did a lot of DIY pumpkins this year and was super happy how they came out. Monograms, gold glitter and polka dots were a few of the DIYs that I did.
We are making Witches Brew on Halloween Eve and watching Hocus Pocus, it’s a tradition that I have not done in a couple of years but now that Timothy is getting older I want to make sure we have special traditions like that for each holiday .