Disney Day ONE!

HI Everyone!!!!!

I hope everyone had a fab Thanksgiving, I wanted to do a little picture recap of our Disney Trip!

Enjoy 🙂



We got in on Sunday and made it to Hollywood Studios, it was a little rainy but that wasn’t going to stop us! Timothy is always amazed how big the trees are.



Always posing!



Everywhere we went Timothy pointed out all his site word and tried sounding out words to read.



Everyone is so excited about all the Star Wars stuff coming to Hollywood studios!



Jake is still one of his faves!





First time meeting Santa Goofy, Timothy told Santa Goofy everything he wanted for Christmas!



Then it was off to the Osborne Family lights! I still cant believe that this is the last year, this has been a tradition since 2006 for Ryan and I. I did shed a tear or 100!  I am hoping that maybe we can make it there one more time before they take it down.
















It didn’t take long for this guy to fall fast asleep. We still have the stroller for Disney (even though he is getting too big for it) But its better then having to carry this guy around!


I love a family selfie!





Ryan and I celebrating 9 years of marriage! I sure do love this guy!



Then back at the hotel! Of course Timothy was then wide awake and wanted to put together a Star Wars Lego set he got that day! Thanks to Uncle Alfred for the Disney gift card!

Ill be back tomorrow with more Disney pics!





Friday Introductions

Well Hello there!

I have decided to do Friday introductions with the thetinytwig and jessaconnelly on instagram to say hello and tell everyone a little about me! Well I found out fast I had a lot to say so I decided to make it into a blog post. So here we go…

My name is Jennifer and welcome to my own little fairytale. I am known to live in my own little world, mostly because I am super socially awkward. I am good once you get to know me, but I am terrible at meeting people and always come off super nerdy!

I love, LOVE and give all of mine to the two men in my life, my very own Prince Charming, Ryan and my sweet son, Timothy. They are my whole world and I can’t get enough of them. Ryan and I were married in 2006 and we have been having the best time ever since. I am so lucky to call him my husband but also so lucky to call him my best friend! In 2010 we added Timothy to the mix and my whole world got flipped upside down, he is the best thing that has ever happened to Ryan and me. He is funny and sweet and has the best imagination, I love watching him grow into the person he is going to become.


I am a wife and stay at home mom just like I always wanted to be. I have the best mom and she was home with me when I was young and I always knew if it was possible that it is what I wanted to do. When Timothy was born I was working, I had gone from full-time to part-time and Ryan’s mom and nana watched him, I always felt terrible about leaving him, I was lucky enough to get to leave him with two amazing people who love him to the moon and back but I was still missing him. Well two years ago my world was flipped upside down again when the company I worked for was sold; I was so sad and happy and scared all at the same time. Sad about leaving a true family that I worked with, happy to know that I was able to stay at home, and so so so scared to go down to one income. There were so many questions about what we were going to do. I have to say financially is hasn’t been the easiest but in time and still we were realizing when you budget correctly it all works out. And now life is so awesome, I can’t imagine not being there with Timothy everyday because even if it’s one of those days (and you SAHM know what I am talking about) it’s still the best day every.

I love to paint, draw and create. I have been creating my whole life, from learning how to wood carve at the age of 13 to my favorite ART teacher in school to telling me I was a true artist to my not so favorite professor telling me I had no idea what I was doing, (ill show the piece of art work one day that she said that about) it was devastating to me and it was only a STILL. Anyway that was the long time ago, now I use my talents to make cool things for Timothy and have fun with it.

I also have a dark side (insert evil villain laugh) where I love to watch trashy reality TV, drink wine and gossip with all my friends! Oh and I’m kind of messy, but most creative people are, RIGHT?

Oh and one more thing did I mention I’m obsessed with ALL things Disney!! Walking down main street USA and seeing the castle still can bring me to tears and I have been there over 200 times. Also I have secretly always wanted to be a Disney Princess, and I know that is every little girl dream but I just never grew out of it. We have stayed in almost every hotel on Disney property (that’s on my bucket list) When Ryan and I met he liked Disney but he has grown into a true Disney Nerd like myself!  With my love for Disney I have also have become a Run Disney wannabe! We love a good Disney race, I have finished 5ks and 10ks at the Walt Disney World Resort and attempted the Disney Princess Half Marathon, made it to mile 8 but this princess isn’t upset, it just means I have to work a little harder next time! My Prince Charming on the other hand has completed the Glass Slipper Challenge (19.3 miles) and also completed the Dopey Challenge (48.6) this past January, he is the most amazing guy ever! And I could not be more proud of him!

We take imagination to a whole new level in our house! There is never a dull a moment! From fighting Pirates to wishing on stars through our skylight (it’s my fave thing to do with Timothy) we have so much fun! Timothy has turned his love for Captain Hook and switched gears to Batman. I have to say I was a little sad when our house went from Neverland to Gotham City but it has been just as much fun to play Poison Ivy as it was to play Tiger Lily.

This is my life! And it’s a great one!

Oh and one more thing, yes I say fairytale life a lot, that is not because I have a perfect life, there has been lots of Villains and lots of dragons to fight to get where I am today, I say it because, like everyone else I just hope for a happily ever after.

jens phone April 2015 108

Happy Weekend



Disney Recap

Disney recap!

A couple weeks ago we had a mini vacation to Disney World. It was the first time my friend Jules and her family went on a vacation with my family, this will be the first of many as we watch out children grow. We had the best time. We stayed at Disney’s Art of Animation in the Finding Nemo family suite. It is very affordable especially when you have more 5 people and a baby.


Here is what the rooms look like, I would have to say, even though this is not a high end hotel, if you have small kids they will love and it keeps the theme of being at Disney for them even when you are back at the hotel. I remember when we stayed at the Yacht Club Resort (which was sooooo much more money) but Timothy said when do we get to do Disney World stuff. To him we were in a nice hotel but not Disney. image

We got there Friday afternoon and knew that we were just going to spend the day in hanging out and swimming since we were going to have such a big day on Saturday. Oh did I mention Jules and Mike have a 7 month old, named Addalynn, we wanted to make sure the kiddos got a good nights rest. This was the view from our hotel room and as soon as Timothy saw it he was ready for swimming! 


The pool at the Art of Animation is the biggest pool on Disney World resort property and it has the perfect beach enterence for the small kids to play!

wpid-20150417_153527.jpg wpid-20150417_153535.jpg wpid-20150417_153542.jpg wpid-20150417_161406.jpg

Timothy thought it would be hilarious to trade shoes with Daddy!


A quick chill time and oh did I mention there was a bar there, so mamas had some cocktails!

  wpid-img_20150417_204740.jpg wpid-picsart_1430266133930.jpg

Timothy was excited to play with baby Addaylnn who just started crawling


We ate dinner from the food court in our hotel and picked up some yummy cupcakes. But before we did that Jules and I made a little detour in the gift shop to play dress up.


Saturday Morning we were up bright and early and off to the Magic Kingdom


You all know how much I love ShopSimplymadewithLove, well I told Jules about it and she had something made for Addalynn as well, these too were so cute and ready for the day!


Because our hotel is all about ART they have some amazing drawing all over.


I kind of forgot how much stuff you have to carry around when you have a baby.



The new grass sections at the Magic Kingdom were amazing!



My fave pic and as you can see I got everyone in them!





 I was so excited to get Timothy’s Mickey graduation hat with his name on it.




We were able to have lunch at BE OUR GUEST and it was amazing!

LOL I am not sure what Ryan is doing here BAHAHAHA




Its so hard to see but its the ball room and the West Wing!


After lunch we traveled back on the bus and went back to the hotel for a swim and rest.


After everyone was rested we went back the Magic Kingdom to make 5:30 reservations for dinner.



Loved all these!


We had fastpasses for the Mine Ride so the boys went first while we chatted and had baby Addalynn, and then it was our turn.



It was starting to get dark and we headed over to tomorrow land, Jules, Addalynn and I had a dance party with The Incredibles while the boys rode Buzz Lightyear





So I really wanted this pic so bad, but can you just feel our husbands eye rolls when I made (yes made) them take this HEHE



We went to Hollywood Studios, I don’t know if I will ever get used to the hat on being there


We didn’t do a whole lot on Sunday and I know this is a crazy amount of pictures of Timothy but he looked so cute, after we watch the Frozen sing along we decided to part ways and Jules, Mike and Addalyn were going to leave to go home, Addalyn had some big adventures and was ready for some dreamland and chill time. So Ryan, Timothy and I went and had lunch and of course had to go see Phineas and Ferb !



Once we were done it was around 1:30pm so we headed over to Downtown Disney, because no trip to Disney is complete without a trip to the Lego store


That was it! It was a fun weekend with a lot jam packed in!

Cant wait to do it again!

Happy Thursday!



Summer Fun so far…

Summer Fun


June was such a busy month for us, it started at Disney and lots of parties and fathers day was also thrown in there as well. It was a lot of work but everything came out perfect!

The beginning of he month started at Disney World just for a night, the brand new Snow White ride opened and we had been so excited to ride it. We stayed at the All Star sports, we have stayed at more then half of the hotel at the Walt Disney World Resort, if you are deciding to stay at a value resort, I would say The Art of Animation (mermaid rooms) and the Sports are the best ones in my opinion.

Ryan and Timothy running the field

Timothy super ready to go to the Magic Kingdom


One of Timothy’s favorite rides is the bus ride


So I really wanted this pic of him being all excited, truth is he was super scared up there


The Mine ride was the most amazing ride, we had to wait about 50 minutes which was so nice, I was expecting 4 hours or something crazy, I wish Ryan and  I would have taken Timothy because it was not a super fast roller coaster and it was super smooth, he would have really loved it. It will be one of the first rides we go on in the fall when we start going back again (we never go to Disney in the summer because of the heat and the crowds)


Every detail was perfect!





Timothy got to be Chip and Belle had a little crush on him!



He held on for about a 3 minutes, hehe


So it was raining in the afternoon so the new festival of fantasy parade was a no go, which was a bummer because my mom had not seen it, so we got to see the rainy day parade, don’t blink you will miss it!!!!! 😉


Here comes the parade




There goes the parade…


Timothy and Ryan on Timothy’s favorite ride (along with the close up pics)






and no night is complete without a kiss from Snow White




Then the next weekend was my cousin Amanda’s Bridal Shower. My mom and I worked really hard to make it super special for her. We knew we were also going to be throwing a baby shower at the end of the month so we though really hard about things we could do to make stuff that we could use for both, since both showers were a white and pink theme. For my cousins shower we decided to use the hot pink, which is the color of her bridesmaid dresses.


I felt so bad because this is what my moms house looked like for weeks! Just stuff everywhere!


We started actually putting stuff up on the Tuesday before the shower


I used the Cricut so much, I loved that I could make everything so it would be more personal!



This was something that we saw on pinterest an decided it would be the present table for both showers, I have to say if anyone wants to make this, its extremely time consuming and make sure you have your Michaels or Joanns coupons because it was a ton of tulle, a lot more expensive then we though it was going to be to make it.




Dressing up a plain vase from Michaels with some sticker rhinestones, really gave it a nice touch



My mom is a perfectionist!



This was for a memory game we played and any chance I get I bring out Tampa Bay’s best Wedding of 2006 (cause my wedding was in it and I planned it all by myself!!!!)

We also played a purse raid game that was hilarious!


Wish I would have gotten more pics of the actually shower but I was busy running around


Found this idea on Pinterest  and it was a great idea to use for well wishes, it turned out so well we did a baby shower version, when the shower was over I glued all the balloons on so Amanda was able to take it home that day



Before the shower started (again wish I would have taken a pic of all the presents )


These were the gifts for the winners of the games, I wanted everything to match and it ended up making a great centerpiece


I shot this pic in the morning of the shower and light was coming in perfect, my favorite picture!


 Close up of the balloon board



Even though it was a lot of work with a lot of little details it was worth it and I think Amanda enjoyed it a lot

The next weekend was Fathers Day, it was s nice to just spend time with Ryan and Timothy


We decide that we wanted to take Timothy to mini gulf for the first time and


Timothy got to feed the alligators



Of course Pirate theme everything







I sometimes forget we live in a place people go on vacation!


One of our fav spots FRENCHYS



Feeding therapy sure is paying off




Super tired and ready for a nap 🙂


Such a nice fun day to spend together!

That was some adventures from the first part of the summer……